One snack, lots of delicious world flavors

Discover many original world flavors in one snack. Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites can be served in different ways: in a salad, as a snack or as a sharing dish. Always tasty and surprising!

Serve them as bar bites …

Serve them at the bar, as an appetizer or during an event. Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites add an extra tasty twist to any occasion. Their surprisingly delicious filling also provides a smooth conversation starter.

… Or in a salad

Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites make an irresistible combo with a delicious salad. Their wealth of flavors, inspired by recipes from all over the world, goes well with a balanced mix of vegetables.
Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites are available in 3 different world flavors. Ideal for the growing number of flexitarians!

Discover Phil’s Bar Bites

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