We invite you to dig into our tasty bar bites

With Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites you can taste dishes from all over the world : from an Asian curry to a real Belgian classic as puree with beef stew. This way, every snack becomes a new discovery. The choice is yours!

Phil’s Premium Filled Bar Bites are available in 3 different world flavors. Ideal for the growing group of flexitarians.

Thai Curry & Rice

Soft madras curry, coconut milk and basmati rice provide an authentic taste.

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Risotto Tomato Mozzarella

A nod to the traditional Italian arancini. Deliciously creamy and southern.

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Beef stew with puree

Our version of the Flemish classic. Made according to our own family recipe.

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Mix pack 3 flavours

The ideal party mix. For anyone who cannot choose from our irresistible flavors.

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Pre-heat fryer oil to 170°C; fry the frozen Phil’s in the oil for 5 minutes. Please do not exceed this advice. Let the Bar Bites rest for 2 minutes before serving. Attention! This product can be very hot at its core after heating.


In the refrigerator: 48 hours
In the freezer:
** (-12 ° C): 1 month
*** (-18 ° C): see best-before date
Do not refreeze after defrosting